Gist Street Reading Series It's not about suffering.

2007 Readings

January 5

Cathy Day (fiction); Susanna Childress (poetry)

February 2

Ilya Kaminsky (poetry) (plus, a Saturday workshop with Ilya!); Kevin Moffett (fiction)

March 9

Terrance Hayes (poetry); Charles d’Ambrosio (fiction) (plus, a Saturday workshop with Charles!)

April 20

Kellie Wells (fiction); Jason Schneiderman (poetry)

May 4

Michael Byers (fiction); David Young (poetry)

June 1

Francisco Aragon (poetry); Scott Hightower (poetry); Deborah Bogen (poetry)

July 14

7th Annual Cookout Extravaganza with University of Nebraska Press Featuring: Lee Gutkind, Dinty Moore, Floyd Skloot, Michelle Herman, Joe Mackall, and Terese Svoboda

August 3

Kevin Prufer (poetry); John Gallaher; Wayne Miller (poetry)

September 7

Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon (poetry); Elise Levine (fiction)

October 5

Greg Downs (fiction); Susan Hutton (poetry)

November 2

Autumn House Press presents... Ed Ochester (poetry); Nancy Pagh (poetry)

December 7

Ben Percy (fiction); David Griffith (non-fiction)

“Gist Street was my sexiest reading experience: the crowd was hot; the food; my co-reader, Tom House, yum yum; Sherrie and Nancy and Rick, even in his absence, so delicious. I cannot wait to come again.”
Randall Mann, author of Complaint in the Garden
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Gist Street Reading Series
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