Gist Street Reading Series It's not about suffering.


Gist Street is a right turn off of Forbes (if you’re heading from Downtown toward Oakland) or a left turn off of 5th Avenue (heading from Oakland toward Downtown). 

If you’re taking the Parkway toward Downtown, take the Blvd. of the Allies exit and take a quick right onto Gist (just after the Pittsburgh Type building).

There’s on-street parking along Fifth Avenue, Gist Street, and the surrounding streets. Take care not to park in anyone’s driveway.

The studio building is three story brick with an ugly plastic, yellow fence running along the side. The inside of the building is quite cozy. 

There’s a big (BIG) 305 painted and propped against the window.  And a giant King Kong under plastic.

If you are lost, call 412.489.0404 for guidance.

Photos this page: Jonathan Ritz


Arrive early for the best seats!

Gist Street Reading Series
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